Christopher "Mazedude" Getman

Composer for Video Games and Beyond

Welcome to the official website of composer Christopher "Mazedude" Getman. Here you can explore my vast collection of game remixes, a fun expression of my electronic tracker-heavy musical style(s). The remixes range from 2001 through today.

I've also been honored to compose original music for a few video games, including The 7th Guest: Infection, MazeQuest 2, and MazeQuest 3.

7th Guest: Infection, soundtrack cover MazeQuest Original Soundtrack cover MazeQuest 3 game soundtrack by Mazedude

Additionally, as of April 2020 I'm very pleased to be able to share my current album in development, an epic non-VGM project that I'm calling "Words and Verses." The premise is simple, but rather deep and complex at the same time: take a verse from the Bible, and compose what it represents.

Words and Verses preview thumbnail

Currently the endeavor is open for subscriptions and pre-orders; please visit the official Words and Verses website to learn more. You are also invite to follow the project on Facebook.

What's New?

New Rygar Remix!
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A new just-for-fun arrangement from one of my favorite games, and at the same time, a new tracker homage honoring Scirocco.
Game Remix, Assortment
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One more collection; not remastered or anything, but assembled into a cohesive batch for your listening pleasure.
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50 original tracks, nearly 3 hours of music; it's a weird collection, but fun!
Game Remix, Tracker Homage [REMASTERED]
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A remastered collection of game remixes, now on Bandcamp!
WV Kickstarter Video on YouTube
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Hear the project vision as told by Christopher Getman




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